National Federation of Cemetery Friends Update

Dear Cemetery Friends

There have been many changes in Covid regulations since our last Newsletter and they have varied throughout the UK. Groups have had to make their own decisions but having local authority support and approval has encouraged many to resume volunteering. We hear that many groups adapted and safely restarted their workdays but branched out to tours and other projects for the Heritage Open Days and Open House weekends.

If your group has kept busy, we would love to know what you have been doing and how. Our editor, Ann Wilkinson, is willing to produce an electronic Newsletter, and would welcome your articles by 28th November:
We look forward to hearing from you. The NFCF sends best wishes and hopes you all keep safe and well as we face the winter months.  
Best wishes
Gwyneth Stokes
Hon Secretary

Cemetery Friends dealing with Covid Share your story in next NFCF Newsletter

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