Events – Themed Walks

Annual Events Schedule: We had planned an annual event schedule which included History Talks (how to research family history, how to read gravestones, nature etc.), Walk&Talks to tell you about many of the significant graves in this old cemetery and perhaps a Halloween Walk&Talk.

However, if you turn up on a Saturday morning – Jan or Carole will personally show you around and tell you about some of the interesting characters there. If small groups would like a walk and talk for their members we have a number of themed walk and talks we can do. See below. You can also find a number of YouTube videos we have made (and some made by visitors).

Remembrance Service: Each year a Remembrance Service takes place on Armistice Day in front of the Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry) memorial, civic dignitaries, veterans and others will also lay a wreath.

Themed Walk and Talks We Can Do for Small Groups

T = Talk W = Walk and Talk

T Not Flashman – Finding a Victorian Hero – The story of Lieutenant General Robert Cannon, his family, his times and how we found him.

W T Naval Narratives – Stories of sailors from Nelson to WW2.

T The Friends, the Cemetery and Me – The early days of the group, stories of finding graves and the people there, progress to date

W Fascinating Folk(stone) – a walk round the central section, highlighting some notable stories.

T Folkestone Favourites – a collection of our favourite stories and characters, which could be adapted to include any special interests.

W From Trafalgar to the Transvaal – a walk round the west end, highlighting people with military connections during this time.

T They Fought Napoleon – Lieutenant Colonel Charles West and Captain Gilbert Kennicott, two Napoleonic veterans and their families

W Duty , Destiny and Disaster – a walk round the west end, highlighting some notable stories.

W Fate, Fortune and Fortitude – a walk round the east end, highlighting some notable stories

T Trafalgar Plus – the story of Captain Gilbert Kennicott and his times, including coastguards. How we found and researched him.

T Waterloo Plus – the story of Lieutenant Colonel Charles West and his times. How we found and researched him.

T Empire Soldiers – the story of General Baker Creed Russell and his times. How we found and researched him.

W VC Holders – this is a walk you can do without a guide