Post Box To Heaven

At certain times of year, when most families are celebrating Christmas, New Year or perhaps other non special day events – some people find themselves particularly alone and saddened because they cannot share the special time with their recently deceased partner or family member.

Folk at Aylesbury cemetery (Nottingham) have installed a special post box where families can send letters to loved ones in heaven.

The ‘Letters to Heaven’ memorial post box inspired by nine-year-old girl Matilda Handycan will now be used by families who want to send letters to loved ones.

Matilda’s mum Leanne, 45, approached Gedling Crematorium, in Lambley, Nottingham, where she works, and an old post box was painted white just before Christmas.

After more than 100 letters were posted in it, the touching concept has been replicated at 36 other sites across the country.

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