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As our volunteer group discover headstones, sometimes which may have been beneath the grass for years. Many headstones bear a quote or words which have been requested by the family – and which perhaps bring the family some easing of the grief they feel. Here on this page are some of the interesting or unusual quotes we have spotted.

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. KJV John 10: 9-11

To fall asleep is not to die – to dwell with Christ is better life.

Tho’ the grave has claimed the casket – yes the diamond shines up there – in the crown of her redeemer – with his other jewels rare.

Even so them also which sleep – in Jesus will God bring with him.

We loved her Yes – no tongue can tell – how much we loved her and how well – Christ loved her too and thought it best – to take her in his arms to rest.

Hide me O my Saviour Hide – till the storm of life is past – Safe into the Haven guide – O receive my soul at last.

Weep not for me nor sorrow take – but love my children for my sake.

Farewell dear one, peace be with you – Earthly toils at last are o’er – Thou hast only gone before us – Thou has reached the golden shore.

Good bye good bye parting is bitter pain – But courage bids us struggle on – Until we meet again.

He suffered patiently and long – His hope was bright his faith was strong – The peace of Jesus filled his breast – And in his arms he sank to rest.

A light is from our household gone – A voice we loved is still’d – A place is vacant in our home – Which never can be filled.

Safe home, safe home in port; Rent cordage, shatter’d deck – Torn sails, provision short – And only not a wreck. But oh! the joy upon the shore – To tell our voyage – Perils O’er.

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