Research – Hints & Tips

Tips on finding graves in Cheriton Road Cemetery

– The cemetery opened in 1856, before this, burials would be in church yards.

The last grave to be purchased was in April 1933 and burials decreased in Cheriton Road until the early 1960s, apart from burials in family graves and ashes. Burials from the mid 1930s onwards are probably in Hawkinge.

– To find a grave plot/area and number, go to and type the name you want into the search boxes. Every burial in the cemetery has an entry, except a very small handful. If you can’t find the information it’s better to contact us, rather than adding an entry to ‘Find A Grave’.

– Look up the position of the plot/area on the map on the home page of our web site:

Then to locate the individual grave, look at the relevant plot/area plan:

– Graves are numbered from east to west, i.e. parallel to the railway line and Cheriton Road.

– If you are not using ‘Find A Grave’, please note that the same numbers appear in both consecrated (C) and unconsecrated (U) areas, and so it is helpful to know which area you need – or if not found in one area, look in the other area too.

– Some graves have no stone or marker and some have been re-used at a later date.

– if you need more help, email or use our ‘Friends of old Folkestone cemetery’ Facebook page.