Over the last 150 years Folkestone and district has been a very fashionable place to visit attracting many well connected and interesting people – as well as being the place where many senior military figures retired. Here are some interesting characters we have discovered already.

To find these characters in the cemetery – a Virtual Cemetery Plan has been created and you can click on it HERE.

Significant memorials discovered

  • Herbert William O’Brien – accidentally killed
  • Arthur Mudge Branfoot – eminent resident
  • Herbert Copping – saved a child and was drowned
  • William George Holliday – accidentally shot
  • Charlie Joy – little drummer boy (a story?)
  • Mary & John Croker – novelist
  • William Salkeld – murdered
  • Alfred and Elizabeth Watkin – engineer
  • William Clauson-Thue – a pioneer of Telegraphic Coding
  • Arthur Tite – Banker
  • James and Ellen Winton – accidentally drowned
  • Gwendoline Lister R Poynter – a relative by marriage to Napoleon Emperor of France
  • Arthur Edmund Archibald Hall – fishing boat capsized and drowned
  • John Griffiths – well known fossil collector
  • John Thomas Fagg – lost his life at sea
  • John Moon – eminent resident
  • Abraham Huntley – the life and times
  • Catherine Crowe – ‘one of seven women writers who transformed British Literature
  • ’William ‘Cookie’ Cook – The Smuggler turned Preacher
  • Phyllis Deck – died in service of her King
  • John James Wilson – prolific and notable landscape artist