The Future of Folkestone Library

Folkestone Library on Grace Hill was suddenly closed in December 2022 due to flooding after heavy rain which caused damage inside the building, and it was deemed unsafe to stay open.

A further announcement recently received now states that Folkestone Library will remain closed till at least the end of March whilst ‘options are considered’ and investigations are carried out, in a bid to assess the costs of necessary work to allow the building to be reopened.

The tone of these news releases does not sound particularly positive, and it does appear that consideration is being given to the possible closure of this important research and history facility because it is deemed too expensive to keep open.

Not only will this be a heavy blow to users of the Library, including local history researchers – if closed it could mean that local history artifacts which are currently stored and displayed in Folkestone Library are sent off to be part of other collections, being lost to Folkestone forever.

If you would like to find out what KCC intends to do please do contact your KCC councillor for answers.

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