Air Raid Victims

On 25th May 1917 a bombing raid saw the death of almost 100 Folkestone people – including many children. The bomb hit Tontine Street with the tail end of an air raid which came across from Ashford over Hythe and Shorncliffe – it dropped just one bomb over Tontine street and killed around 60 people, in that moment, who were doing their shopping there.

To find burial plots of Air Raid victims who are buried in the old Folkestone cemetery – you can check out the Virtual Cemetery Plan HERE.

To read about this tragic event it is recommended to obtain a copy of ‘A Glint In The Sky‘ by Martin Easdown with Thomas Genth. There is also an account of the event in ‘Folkestone During The War‘ a record of the towns life and work – edited by J.C. Carlile. All names below are linked to where there is often more information about that person (although the amount of detailed information is dependent on what is known by the person who updated it)

1917 Folkestone Air Raid – those buried in the old Folkestone cemetery: C431 – Doris Eileen Spencer Walton, C475 – Katherine Euphemia Laxton, C1700 – Elizabeth Maxted, C1702 – Edith Agnes Dicker, C1852 – Maggie Grey Bartleet, C1853 – Agnes Curran Macdonald, C1854 – Richard Ashby Graves, C1855 – Sidney Brockway, C1856 – Hilda Elizabeth Burvill, C1857 – Mabel Reed, C1858 – Gwendoline Edith Terry, C1859 – Dorothy Bertha Jackman, C1860 – Elizabeth Waugh, C1862 – Florrie Rumsey, C1863 – Ethel May Eales, C1864 – Caroline Harris, C1865 – Albert William Charles McDonald, C1866 – Albert Edward Castle, C1867 – Ethel Louisa Hambrook, C1870 – Elizabeth Mary Barker, C1871 – Edward Stephen Gould, C1872 – Harold Hayward Banks, C1873 – William Clark, C1905 – William Henry Hall, C5764 – Ernest Henry McGuire, C5787 – Jackie Robinson, C5790 – Dennis William Hayes, C6783A – William Alfred John Norris, Florence Norris & Florence Louise Norris, C6805A – William James Beer & Arthur Beer, C6805B – Annie Beer & Annie (Rosie) Beer, C7920 – Johannah Mary Hambly, C8504 – Martha Godden Hayes, C8687 – Isabel Wilson, U68 – George Edward Butcher, U335 – Frederick Charles Day, U338 – Edith Mary Grimes, U339 – Fanny Harrison, U340 – John Burke, U346 – Marie Snauwaert, U386 – Florence Elizabeth Francis, U409 – Rosina Caroline Hughes, U1067 – Mary Philomena Holloway, U1068 – Veronica Mary Holloway, U2758 – Louisa Alice Hayward, U2765 – Phyllis Amies Cooper, U3140 – Frederick Charles Stokes, U3653 – Arthur Ernest Stokes