Links To Burial Plots

James and Carole (‘Friends’ volunteers) have produced interactive maps of the cemetery with every burial plot marked and with links to Find A Grave.

Due to a limit on the number of points you can plot on a single map, they are split into 10 maps. All burial plots are listed here by number (example plot C101 is plot 101 in the Consecrated ground/section of the cemetery and U123 is plot 123 in the Unconsecrated ground/section of the cemetery).

These links take you through to interactive Google maps – you may need to be signed into your Google account to view this properly.

C = Consecrated, U = Unconsecrated

C1 to C1971:

C1972 to C3845:

C3486 to C5262:

C5263 to C6750:

C6751 to C7819:

C7820 to C8934:

C8935 to C10116:

U1 to U1962:

U1963 to U3126:

U3127 to U4817:

>>>> For Virtual Links to CWG, VC’s and other significant burial plots or to search for burial plots by section – follow this link