Over the last 150 years Folkestone and district has been a very fashionable place to visit attracting many well-connected and interesting people – as well as being the place where many senior military figures retired. Here are some interesting characters we have discovered alreadythis list is continually added to.

To find these characters in the cemetery – a Virtual Cemetery Plan has been created and you can click on it >>>>>> HERE<<<<<<<

Notable memorials discovered

  • Herbert William O’Brien – accidentally killed
  • Arthur Mudge Branfoot – eminent resident
  • Herbert Copping – saved a child and was drowned
  • William George Holliday – accidentally shot
  • Charlie Joy – little drummer boy (a story?)
  • Mary (Bithia) & John Croker – prolific anglo indian novelist
  • William Salkeld – murdered
  • Alfred and Elizabeth Watkin – engineer
  • William Clauson-Thue – a pioneer of Telegraphic Coding
  • Arthur Tite – Banker
  • James and Ellen Winton – accidentally drowned
  • Gwendoline Lister R Poynter – a relative by marriage to Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France
  • Arthur Edmund Archibald Hall – fishing boat capsized and drowned
  • John Griffiths – well-known fossil collector
  • John Thomas Fagg – lost his life at sea
  • John Moon – eminent resident
  • Abraham Huntley – the life and times
  • Catherine Crowe – one of seven women writers who transformed British Literature
  • William ‘Cookie’ Cook – The Smuggler turned Preacher
  • Phyllis Deck – died in service of her King
  • John James Wilson – prolific and notable landscape artist
  • Henry Hamilton – He was an English playwright, lyricist and actor. He is best remembered for his musical theatre libretti, including The Duchess of Dantzic (1903), The School Girl (1903), Véronique (1905) and The Little Michus (1907), often adapting foreign works for the British stage – also the author of the popular song “Private Tommy Atkins” (1893)
  • Mary Edith Pechey-Phipson – pioneer woman doctor (one of the Edingburgh seven) and a leading light in the women’s suffrage movement, taking part in The Mud March.
  • Henry Novra – he was a professional magician, known as “Mons Henri” and “The Wizard of the West”. 
  • Jessica Landseer – Landscape and miniature painter. She was a watercolourist, painting landscapes, portraits, still lifes, animals and miniatures.
  • Charles Joseph Harenc – Cricketer. An amateur gentleman cricketer, he played for the Kent County Cricket Club and the Marylebone Cricket Club, which established the laws and founded the English national team
  • William Stephen Palmer Tull – a casualty of the great war, he died of gas poisoning
  • William Hayward – as a child he survived a landslide and saved his younger siblings