Family Trust Visit Pioneer Doctors Grave

Earlier In July we received an email asking about Edith Mary Pechey Phipson’s as we had posted a short bio of this significant lady on FindAGrave.

Mary was one of the Edinburgh Seven, one of the first female doctors in the UK at that time and a leading light in the suffragist movement – involved in organising and leading a march into London, known as the Mud March.

The inquiry took an interesting turn because we learned that Dr Mary Edith’s good work for women and children is still ongoing in India through the Pechey Phipson Sanitarium for Women and Children Trust set up by her late husband. And a visit was arranged for relatives to visit the grave in the old cemetery of Edith Pechey Phipson.

Carole, our lead volunteer, met with the relatives and showed them where the grave could be found, unless you are familiar with the layout of the old cemetery this is not always easy to do.

Following the visit the Peachey Phipson family will approach Folkestone & Hythe district council so request permission to refurbish the Peachey Phipson memorial.

You can read much more about this fascinating and inspirational woman at:

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