BBC: Hundreds of graves found unsafe and risk to public

Hundreds of gravestones in north Wales have been deemed unsafe and an injury risk to visitors.

About 700 memorials in Flintshire’s cemeteries are in need of remedial work, it has been revealed.

Those loose or unstable are currently supported by wooden stakes.

However, with each of these temporary fixes costing £5,850 every few years, a more permanent method has to be found, according to a report.

While this news item is not specific to Kent cemeteries, all local authorities consistently assess the safety of the cemeteries under their care. Adverse weather conditions, like heavy rain and strong winds, can render memorials unstable, and old trees may sustain damage, posing safety concerns for visitors.

It is crucial for visitors to exercise caution, refraining from leaning on seemingly sturdy headstones that may, in fact, be precarious. Additionally, walking between graves requires careful attention, as the ground can be uneven, and hidden potholes from rabbit activity may pose tripping hazards. This advice is particularly pertinent in older cemeteries such as the old Folkestone cemetery, where headstones, weathered by severe winters, may exhibit cracks and potential instability.

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