Pechey Phipson – Her Work Goes On

Back in the summer we were contacted by Ramesh, who was here in Folkestone UK, on holiday from India and wanted to see the grave for Mary Pechey-Phipson, the early woman doctor (and incidentally one we shall be remembering for International Women’s Day.)

Ramesh is a director of the clinic that was set up in India in Mary Pechey-Phipson’s name and is still going today. It now runs education courses for women and children.

This is a link he sent us to one of their computer certificate ceremonies:

Mary Edith Pechey-Phipson, one of the ‘Edinburgh Seven’ is buried in Cheriton Road Cemetery. She was one of the ladies who fought and succeeded in being among the first registered women doctors in England. You can read more about this fascinating women here:

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