The Quiet Garden Movement

“The Quiet Garden Movement is a network of beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces for prayer, stillness, contemplation and an appreciation of the natural world”.

I came across the phrase ‘The quiet garden movement’ which is about creating spaces where one can sit quietly and think.

It occurred to me that the White Garden recently created by our volunteers in the old Folkestone cemetery is just such a place. There are lots of parks and gardens in Folkestone and across the district where they children can run and play exactly as they should do. In fact we are blessed with children friendly places, including the chalky downs on the landward edge of the district, and long beaches on the coastal edge of the district.

The White Garden, however is different, it offers visiting relatives or passers by a chance just to sit quietly – and in this fast and ever changing world a time to site quietly is more than ever needed and is invaluable.

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