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For those of you who love to learn more about cemetery history – take a look at ‘Caring for Gods Acrewebinars coming up, starting at the end of March.

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Tuesday, 28th March
FINAL JOURNEY- The Use of Trains as Funeral Transport 

Author and expert Nicolas Wheatley will talk on the development of the railway network across Britain, from the 1830’s onwards, that enabled the transportation of deceased people for greater distances and at a lower cost than had previously been possible. This brought opportunities for people in middle income circumstances to arrange for any loved one who had died away from ‘home’ to be returned for burial. This was at a time when Victorian Britain was growing rapidly and greater social mobility allowed peole to travel away for employment, business, leisure, adventure or for just for pleasure. 
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Wednesday, 19th April
Conservation of butterflies in burial grounds and the urban environment

Join butterfly expert and author, Mike Slater for this webinar about our wonderful butterflies and how we can help them flourish. We will learn how to create and manage burial grounds for butterflies, species we are most likely to see and how to find immature stages of some species. Mike will also discuss how butterflies can be monitored as biological indicators for successful management. As well as being relevant to burial grounds, principles discussed can be applied to many spaces such as playing fields, gardens or nature reserves.
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Tuesday 9th May (to be confirmed)
Clare Flynn from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
 – more details coming soon!

Tuesday 16th May
Love Your Burial Ground week and Churches Count on Nature 2023  

In the run up to Love Your Burial Ground week and Churches Count on Nature 2023  please join our Director, Harriet Carty for this webinar on burial grounds, their wonderful wildlife and how you can help to record what species are present. We will learn why and how to make a biological record and why that is more fun than it sounds! We’ll also look at where the records go and how they can be used when deciding how to care for burial grounds, making them as welcoming as possible for both nature and people.
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​ For more information about the week which takes place from Saturday 3rd to Sunday the 11th of June – pop here Love Your Burial Ground week and Churches Count on Nature 2023  

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